Your Go-To Arborists In La Mesa, CA

You can never go wrong if you hire the services of a tree expert to make sure your yard in La Mesa, CA is always in great shape!  You may think it is pretty easy to spruce up your trees and make it look pretty but there is more to tree care than meets the eye that not all La Mesa homeowners understands. Trust us, it’s a lot of work! Unfortunately, you can’t always trust the tree services advertising their services out there since there are numerous scammers, con artists, and other dubious tree service companies lurking here and there. Make sure you are dealing with legitimate tree experts so you get quality tree service without spending an arm and a leg.

How to check if a tree care company is legitimate?

You always want to make sure the tree care company you’re dealing with is legitimate and not just a couple of fly-by-night individuals who happen to have a few tools on hand. There are dangers involved in tree work that only knowledgeable and skilled experts that have the right training and background can do safely and efficiently. Upon inquiry, ask for the business license of the company to be sure right away.

Most important of all, inquire whether the La Mesa, CA tree company you call has signed up for worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. To make sure you are receiving authentic documents, the insurance company of the tree company should be the one to send you the insurance certificate themselves. However, don’t be confused, though, as a tree business with no business license can still get a business insurance.

How credible is the company?

The Internet is a great resource, so make use of it to find out how credible the company is. For starters, you can browse for reviews on several reliable sites that are related to tree services. Google is a good start, Yelp works as well. If you want more proof, ask the company for references from previous clients, especially for big projects they’ve done before. To double-check the company’s reputation, check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine if they are accredited there. It is possible that some companies may not be members of the BBB but they still advertise for tree services. They likely had many complaints filed against them in the past that is why they lost their BBB accreditation.

How much are their services?

It is highly likely that the tree service company you are dealing with is not legitimate if they are offering prices that seem to be too good to be true. It’s true that we all want the best deals, but getting unusually low prices from a La Mesa contractor is a warning that they may lack the skills or proper certification that legitimate companies can guarantee.

On the other hand, it is also not fair for you to pay a high price for the same service that you can get at a much more reasonable price from other contractors. Scout around and ask at least three or more estimates from different companies if you aren’t sure of prices, so you have an idea how much is a particular service usually priced. Get all quotations in writing to protect yourself in case something goes wrong somewhere down the road.

Make sure you ask for the estimate for the exact same service so you can better compare one company from the other. For example, you’ll pay less for a company that just cuts the tree in whole than one that cuts it into smaller sections. You run the risk of incurring more damage to your property for trees that were just fell rather than the ones cut properly; so that’s one reason why prices for services vary.

Protect yourself from the usual scams

Observe one rule of thumb: don’t ever pay for something in full until the contractor wraps everything up and you are 100% satisfied of the outcome. It is not uncommon to hear about stories where residents in La Mesa, CA never hear from the tree company again after paying them in full upfront for the entire project. It does not make any sense for you to pay in full right away, since tree service companies rarely have to purchase materials before starting on the project.

Door-to-door contractors are also an example of a common scam seen in La Mesa, CA. If you’ve got a big project in mind, avoid working with them if possible. These people will often swindle you of your hard-earned money and they are known to travel from one town to another on the lookout for vulnerable homeowners – especially the elderly. It helps to remember that many of them appear out of nowhere soon after a natural calamity or whenever there is a high demand for urgent tree trimming and tree removal services.

However, if you find yourself wanting to have a tree removed from your property, make sure you do your research and avoid paying for everything upfront. Professional and experienced tree experts can safely and efficiently take care of any tree-related issue you may have at home at a reasonable price.

You can count on the team of tree experts from All Clear Tree Service La Mesa to provide expert and cost-effective tree services to all the residents and business owners of La Mesa, CA. Our reputation speaks for itself!